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What was the inspiration behind your company/products and how does this show in your company ethos?

The initial inspiration for the formation of AIS came from a combination of a passion for flying, particularly for general aviation coupled with previous experience in running a software business. Formed in 1990 AIS has a proud history of serving the airport industry, delivering solutions to over 35 airports in its almost 30 year’s in business.

AIS’ solutions offer customers the ability to use anything from a single-user PC for small airport operations to Client-Server installations serving larger more complex environments to meet a multitude of different airport business requirements.

What is your main target market currently? And what market would you like to grow into more? (How will you do this, internationally etc)

The backbone of AIS’ airport customers are regional airports and regional airport groups. Generally our airport customers are UK locations, but more recently we are actively looking to both expand our range of products and services and extend the geographies where we offer our solutions either directly or in partnership with other Air Transport Industry related businesses. We are actively prospecting larger commercial airports as we look to increase the breadth and depth of our solutions.

What are your short and long term goals? (Spreading more internationally, getting more into one sector, releasing new products etc)

Our short-term objectives are to secure a healthy share of new business from our current list of airport and airport authority prospects, together with completing technology upgrades for several of our existing customers. Longer term goals include the development and release of several planned enhancements to our existing products, adding recognised useful user functionality and convenience, whist maintaining the robustness that has kept our customers loyal to AIS for several decades.

What makes Your business stand out and unique? (Variety of products, well known products etc)

AIS is known in the airport software market as a company with a considerable amount of real-world experience that translates into reliable, rapidly deployed yet cost-effective operational software solutions. AIS provides its customers with an unmatchable ROI, assured and timely project deliveries plus a comprehensive level of support based on a close familiarity with each customer solution.

What would you say your proudest moment, for the company, has been? 

The development, release and recent introduction of our innovative new display technology FIDSnet has been well-received by existing customers as it offers the convenience of operating wirelessly, is cost-effective as it does not require any OEM licensing, plus as FIDSnet works natively with a UK-based range of 4K TV’s as display screens that are very economically priced and where AIS has negotiated an exclusive distribution agreement.

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