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Modern Air Cargo Solutions

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ACUNIS is a specialist for innovative and efficient solutions for Modern Air Cargo Solutions. Our products and services range from individual components to turnkey solutions – from the planning and engineering work for a cargo terminal, through high-bay storage systems, elevating transfer vehicles (ETVs), conveying equipment and work stations, including automation and warehouse management systems, to assembly, installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

AMOVA, member of the SMS Group, and Unitechnik Systems combine their expertise in the ACUNIS brand.

Flexible air cargo storage systems for ULDs

ACUNIS helps clients to optimize their logistics and available space with its flexible storage concepts to create Modern Air Cargo Solutions.

Solutions are available for the safe storage of cargo and provide a seamless cold chain for sensitive goods.

ACUNIS’ high-bay storage systems offer high durability and variable compartment heights they are individually adapted to your needs.

Equipped with a lifting gear and conveyor roller deck, ETVs from ACUNIS can move ULDs horizontally and vertically at the same time.

Shipment buffers

For the intermediate storage of cargo in the shipment buffer before or after dispatch, the company offers flexible solutions that optimise processes and reduce the need for storage space.

From the manually operated storage system (usually bay storage system) through to the fully automated high-bay storage system with linked conveying equipment. The cargo items included in the air waybill (AWB) can be placed together on in-house pallets and inspected directly with X-ray equipment. This optimises procedures and processes and reduces the need for storage space, leaving you with the final product of a Modern Air Cargo Solutions.

Modern Air Cargo Solutions

ACUNIS provides adaptable and reliable airport cargo transfer solutions, including truck docks, roller decks, transfer vehicles, hoists, pallet movers, x-movers and workstations.

Based on its expertise in automation and IT, ACUNIS’s solutions enhance the safety and security of transfer operations. A large choice of standard modules makes its products economical and reliable.

ACUNIS’s systems feature easy-view control screens with symbols instead of hard-to-read text, making them easy to operate, even from mobile terminal devices.

With the company’s solutions, clients can monitor and maintain full control over air cargo.

Warehouse management system for optimal quality

In UniWare ACUNIS offers a modular warehouse management system with directly functionable modules for all the standard processes at an air cargo hub.

All project-specific adaptations and extensions (customizations) are done on this basis. The system features ready-to-use interfaces to common cargo host systems like Champ, Hermes or UniSys.

UniWare offers in its modular and freely configurable structure need-based solutions for all the processes required in the cargo terminal, such as yard management, warehouse management or the ramp & transport service. All processes are designed to enable changes in general conditions (dynamic flight plan change, break-down after deadline) to be suitably responded to at any time.

UniWare is an integrated system. It combines warehouse management, material flow computer, system visualization and control technology into a unit.

Project management, after-sales services and financing

ACUNIS offers project management from initial planning to after-sales services, as well as tailor-made financial consulting.

The company assembles, installs, commissions and delivers products worldwide, via its workshops and global network of certified manufacturers.

ACUNIS retrofits, modernizes and overhauls cargo terminal, as well as offers servicing and maintenance for its cargo solutions leaving you with Modern Air Cargo Solutions.

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