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Airport RFID Solutions

Airport RFID Solutions

ProxTech is a leading developer and manufacturer of Airport RFID solutions. We offer Airport RFID readers and modules in all common RFID technologies, including MIFARE, LEGIC, NFC, ISO14443, ISO15693 and 125kHz.

ProxTech’s readers and modules are being successfully used in a wide variety of security, automation and tracking installations all over the globe.

The multitude of available interfaces allows an easy integration with existing systems.

Airport RFID Solutions – MIFARE and NFC Readers and Modules

ProxTech offers a full range of MIFARE and NFC airport RFID readers or airport RFID modules with solutions for MIFARE UID or secure MIFARE sector reading and NFC support.

These airport RFID solutions come with a wide range of standard interfaces and protocols but can also be adapted to your own specific needs.

Airport RFID Readers – LEGIC Prime and LEGIC advant

ProxTech has been offering LEGIC airport RFID solutions and LEGIC airport RFID modules for many, many years. Our early products supported the well-known LEGIC Prime technology and have been a real standard in the airport RFID world.

Our new series of LEGIC airport RFID readers and modules offer tremendous flexibility, security and cost saving since we implemented the newest LEGIC transponder chip platform, allowing you to communicate via several RF-standards (ISO14443, ISO15693 and LEGIC RF) with a single airport RFID solutions of airport RFID module.

This gives you the possibility of soft migration into existing installations. Without the expensive need of reworking your entire airport system or replace all existing transponders, you can now, depending on the required level of safety, easily choose between LEGIC prime or advant systems, and combine that with e.g. the existing MIFARE based system. Your clients will appreciate the savings of this investment for existing environments. Moreover you get the possibility for a sustainable upgrade of your already installed solutions.

Airport RFID Solutions – Customer-oriented and proven RFID solutions

ProxTech has a proven track record of more than 20 years in providing airport RFID solutions for all sorts of applications.
Security, access control, time and attendance, tracking, automation, smart printing, … are just a few of the different applications ProxTech products have already been used for with great success.
The wide variety of interfaces, even customer-specific, offers a great flexibility and ease of integration.

We offer airport solutions for all kind of projects requiring airport RFID solutions in MIFARE, LEGIC, NFC, ISO14443, ISO15693 or 125 kHz technology.
Our in-house R&D department can easily adapt our existing products to suit exactly your requirements by developing customer-specific soft- and/or hardware.

ProxTech products are all aiming towards the OEM market so all our products are neutral branded on the outside. We can even offer you your own housing or customized looks to completely fit into your own airport. No development hassle for you and still have a reliable and private-branded airport RFID solutions in your own product range !

Airport RFID Solutions and USB

Many desktop applications require a standard USB connection to the airport RFID readers or airport RFID modules. ProxTech can offer you a complete range of products with standard USB interface, going from a simple desktop reader over wall-mounted readers to small-sized modules for integration into existing airport systems.

Our USB devices come in different versions offering you either a standard HID mode keyboard emulation, without the need for a specific driver, or a virtual COM port mode. For the latter, drivers are freely available for all different operating systems.
Even an open architecture USB interface with direct access to the RFID care chip is available. With this specific version, the airport RFID USB reader or airport module comes without a processor chip and gives you a direct communication channel with the core processor through a complete set of well-defined commands and instructions. You can now develop your own firmware to have the airport RFID readers or airport RFID modules function exactly as you require.

Airport RFID Readers with PC/SC Interface

ProxTech’s MULTITOP PC/SC readers enables the use of MIFARE or LEGIC cards on PC/SC systems, by using an embedded interpreter, converting “classical smartcard commands” into efficient sequences to use with RFID tags.

With the MULTITOP PC/SC reader, every smartcard or RFID application which uses the unique serial number according to PCSC 2.01, is now able to access also the proprietary technology of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime without any further effort.

In order to allow the use of the complete functions set of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime, a transparent channel is offered by the PC/SC reader driver.

In addition to LEGIC prime and advant, further 13.56 MHz airport RFID technologies, such as MIFARE Classic, DESFire EV1, ICode, … can be used also if the corresponding configuration settings have been implemented.

The MULTITOP PC/SC airport reader is available as either a complete ready-to-connect desktop device in a slim black or white housing or as pcb only without housing for direct integration in any application.

Therefore these systems are ideally suited for a wide variety of airport applications in both automation and security.

Amongst many other applications, our readers with PC/SC interface can be e.g. used for :

  • Single sign-on for ICT-networks
  • Identification
  • ICT airport access control
  • Airport workflow management
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